The purpose of promoting social welfare policies is to grant dignity and care to every underprivileged individual in society.

  In order to create a complete service web and fulfill the public's need for diverse welfare needs, Department of Social Welfare of Taoyuan City Government has established a range of sections including Social Work Section, Social Assistance Section, Children and Youth's Welfare Section, Senior Citizen's Welfare Section, Disabled Welfare Section, Child Care Section, Civil Associations Section, Women's Welfare & Planning Section and New Immigrants Affairs Section. In addition, in order to provide protection and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault, the city government has established the Center for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention, Taoyuan.

  A proper social welfare policy must align with the needs of the public's living environment and provide the public with complete welfare, executed through premium service. Everyone at the Department of Social Welfare upholds to these values in effort to provide the best possible social welfare environment for the citizen's of Taoyuan city.