Child Allowance

In order to protect the rights of healthy, proper growth of children and relieve the economic burden of the family in parenting, Taoyuan City specially set up a childcare budget for children under 3 years old. Moreover, if children and applicants comply with the following rules, there will be an monthly allowance of 3000 NTD per child until he/she reaches the age of three.
  1. Take care of the children under three years old.
  2. The three parties: children and the applicants (the father and the mother) are registered and live in the city for over one year, counted from the application date.
  3. Children are not taken in by public expense.
  4. If the child is less than one year old, registered his/her birth registration or initial household registration at the city's household registration office, and his/her household registration has not been moved out of the city, the child is not confined to the “actual living for more than one year” restriction.
  5. If one of the parents of the child has not made a household registration or is a citizen from mainland China or a foreigner, he/she is not subject to the restrictions of the city.
  6. Applicants and children must live in the Taiwan for more than 183 days in the past one year.
※ Applicants shall be the parents of the child or the person exercising the rights and obligations of the child, the guardian, or other persons who actually take care of the child. Applicant’s qualification has to comply with the Taoyuan City childcare allowance implementation requirements.