Birth Allowance

  1. Requirements

    Father or mother of the newborn who has established his or her household registration in Taoyuan City for more than a year and meet any of the following provisions is able to apply this child allowance application.

    (1) Newborn whose birth registration was completed at any of the Household Registration Offices in Taoyuan City.
    (2) Newborn who was born overseas and return to Taiwan for initial household registration at one of the Household Registration Offices in Taoyuan City.

    For this child allowance application, the eligible household registration is counted from the first day of moved in this city to the day which newborn baby was born. If there is difficulties applying for registration due to the parents' death, missing, or eliminated guardianship, the registration could be done by guardians registered at the same household address or relatives within third degree of kinship.

  2. How to apply

    The allowance is by application, and the applicant shall apply within 6 months, starting from the next day of the newborn’s birth, at one of the household registration offices or the social affairs section of the district civil affairs office. Otherwise, it will be viewed as the abandonment of the right.

The amount of subsidy per child (birth certificate as the final standard)
NT$ 30,000
NT$ 35,000 per child
Triplets or more
NT$ 45,000 per child