Affiliated Organizations

Women's Welfare & Planning Section:

  • Women's Center
  • Women Development Center


Civil Associations Section:

  • NPO Development Center
  • Volunteer Service Promotion Center


Disabled Welfare Section:

  • Taoyuan Assistive Technology Center
  • Disabled Requirement Evaluation Center
  • Disabled Community Resource Center
  • Disabled Welfare Service Center

Children and Youth’s Welfare Section:

  • Taoyuan Youth Activity Center
  • Children with Development Delay Reporting and Referral Center
  • Early Intervention Community Resource Center
  • Integrated Adoption Service Center

Senior Citizen's Welfare Section:

  • Senior Cultural And Entertainment Activity Center

Child Care Section:

  • Immigrant Family Service Center
  • Parent-Child Center
  • Public Infant Daycare Center

Social Work Section:

  • Family Service Center